About Celebrate Learning Insitute

Our Philosophy

Teaching and providing high-quality orthodontic education is not new to us. It has always been our passion. Dr. Alarbi is the past program director and clinical director for one of the largest accredited orthodontic residency programs in the country and even created the course material that was used to teach hundreds of general dentists how to be some of the most successful and well-respected, board-certified orthodontists in the nation. He brings that same passion, material, and expertise to this course. So, if the question is, “Can your courses actually help general dentists diagnose and deliver high-quality and predictable orthodontic treatment to patients?”, then the obvious answer is: Yes—it already has!

Our Vision

We envision a world where education is accessible and available to any person who wants to dedicate themselves and put in the work and effort to acquire it. We envision the existence of a learning facility that values collaboration and diversity of thought. We envision providers working together and synergizing on best practices both clinically and regarding their business models. We envision the Celebrate Learning Institute to be a crossroads for abundancy-minded clinicians who believe in providing high-quality, affordable care to patients in a manner that simultaneously maximizes profitability. We believe in true, win-win philosophies, which is why we’re confident that these seminars will show all clinicians a path to better success for their practice, their employees, and their patients.